Rangoli By Ittehad 2019 / Lawn Designs

Rangoli By Ittehad 2019 / Lawn Designs.Here at Ittehad, we come up with latest Ragoli summer lawn collections for moms  and little girls to teenagers with a variety of printed luxury unstitched 2pic lawn collection, which allow our worldwide clientele to depart with the fashion of summer season. On Ittehad online store, they have got a wide range of luxury unstitched printed 2pic lawn suits that can fit to mom and little girls to teenagers with different choices. Rangoli by Ittehad– Ensembles that fit right for all the cool moms and adorable little girls to teenagers. A cool breezy summer pick for this year. Ittehad fabrics professional team possesses years of experience in the fashion industry, which make us offer the best quality clothing solutions. Since Pakistan and Asian  country where people enjoy both summer seasons by wearing elegant dresses consequently, we come up with best fabrics for every seasons. Especially for summers, we offer all types of 2pic printed lawn suits that can provide both comfort and style to the wearer. 2 piece unstitched collection only for Rs. 899. Launching  16th March. Visit your nearest store shop online at: A repetitive paisley patterned shirt you can pull off well any day through out your sunny week. Comes in many more shades, green, lemon green, twirled red, skin colored linen shirt, brown, pink, Beige, hot pink and Yellow contrasting with black, & Blue. Only for Rs. 899. Rangoli-Launched, 16th March 2019. A leafy print with miniature floral printing paired with a dyed printed trouser for only Rs. 899

 2pic Unstitched Rangoli LAWN Collection By Ittehad


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