New Alkaram Studio’s Pret Calico Collection 2021

New Alkaram Studio’s Pret Calico Collection 2021.A natural plant dye, a block of wood and a printed fabric created a long-standing fashion in block printing. Channeling that past tradition, which stems from as early as the fourth century, self printed is the central focus of Alkaram Studio’s latest collection: Pret Calico. With this beautiful range of winter dresses: the leading designer has tried to revive the age-of classic print with the modern twist.
Alkaram Studio’s winter Season
This collection is a retelling of pret ,luxury and the inner ethnic within you. Which brings you an ode to that time with regal hues of charming color with deep jewel tones, intricate bootees and gold zari finishing. Each of the many more unstitched outfits have been inspired by different south Asian traditions of the pat, and enhanced with handcrafted to fit your luxurious needs. Every individual block carving is reminiscent of present traditional motifs. Alkaram Studio’s have uniquely formed every pattern with winter season flourish. Our inspiration of older and younger forms of block printing pushed this vision, and emboldened to give you that feeling on an old and modern story being echoed through a new tangible reality.

Launching on end of January in-stores and online, You can opt these styles on smaller wedding events and intimate gatherings becoming the forte of the season. This latest Alkaram Studio’s festive collection is crafted especially with those in mind. Light organza, gauze, teeli and more, newest kurnool collection is a magnificent rendering of traditional meets modern. Its that feeling of nostalgia finally reaching its crescendo, of tales stitched and unstitched within be thread work of a cloth, of a long lost story finding its home within your arms.

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