Khaadi X Esra Winter Wear 2020-21

Khaadi X Esra Winter Wear 2020-21.Presenting khaadi X Esra one of the most awaited special dresses edition collection of versatile designs to suit every occasion.Choosse from an array of vibrant dresses designs and intricate embellishment rooted In our heritage from silk to chiffon and velvet.

Winter is here and so are the wedding invites! As we gear up to embrace fresh cool winds, Khaadi are always in a fix about how to dress to affect at Winter season or fresh weather weddings because let’s face it who doesn’t want to make the most of crisp, fresh cool air, loving sunshine and the absence of makeup. The only problem is it’s hard to hot stuff dress up in the best of ethnic dresses fashion when the weather isn’t too generous. But then who doesn’t like a stunning linen, viscose, silk to chiffon and velvet stuff  ? So if you’re hunting for a perfect outfit for the Khaadi X Esra Collection is just the one for you And Khaadi lovers.

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