Sana Safinaz Present Boheme Luxe 2019

Sana Safinaz Present Boheme Luxe 2019.Sana Safinaz present Dynasty, a cutting edge western couture capsule, featuring declaration pieces with avant  garde cuts and silhouettes. A diffusion dressmaking collection. Inspired by the patterns and colors of South Asian carpets and rugs, this capsule explores traditional notions but rewrites them from a contemporary perspective. Latest summer Boheme Luxe celebrate a rich heritage rendered with a modern border.

Sana Safinaz summer Festive collection is AMAZING! it garments wonderful and is absolutely a hit at any event it’s shabby at. We  suggest to wear this more in the summer Festive season months. It’s every body well lined and fairly serious once on. Especially young women’s don’t need much jewelry with it because the Embroidery clothing is all you need as an accessory.

Sana Safinaz collection lush colors self printed work embroidered full sleeves gown with beautiful intricate embroidery on the front and back with a long trail embellished. It is matched  dupatta with heavily embellished borders on all 4 sides.

Boheme Luxe’ show at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

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