SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD Summer Collection 2020

SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD Summer Collection 2020.Each passing year leaves its footprints in the dresses fashion industry with emerging labels. 2020 will be among those memorable years, when you look at SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD 2020 fashioned in collaboration of Ittehad Textiles. Because – this is common view in the dresses fashion sector that collaboration is key to success. But SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD think its critical to get success, while names are attached with any specific summer collection. If one of them failed to give 100 out of 100; then our brands get effected by it. But still collaboration is very popular in our fashion industry such as SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD.

SummerLawn Collection 2017 by Ittehad

ITTEHAD is an appealing fashion brand having faultless combo or color and textures. Moreover, optimum excellence is their key element. Therefore, in the world of luxury pret dresses, they have proved absolutely extraordinary. But as luxury pret is an luxurious line and everyone can’t afford it. Thus, ITTEHAD has offered SAIRA RIZWAN X 2020 to bring lawn collection and entertain those clientele; who cant afford expensive clothes.
So with SAIRA RIZWAN X collection 2020 by Ittehad you are going to get unproblematic summer clothes with breath-taking colors, delicate prints and outdated embroidery.

With the attractive prints, fresh air of colors and resourcefully defined embroideries, SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD is a neat, sleek and glorious summer lawn collection 2020. On the lawn, designer has used different practices to make it ultimate semi-formal and evening party wear style. Such as exquisitely juxtaposed streamers, affair of rich embroideries along with contemporary touch of motifs making it very inspirational. Following the international acclaim for Ittehad, now we can find another signature line as Ittehad Lawn. That represents her strong essence of culture and handicrafts and self prints with plush details on lawn fabric. The prints are quite complicated have the youthful spirit. The designs of  Lawn for Ittehad Textiles are having ideal balance of artistic and modernity.

In Lawn Ittehad has offered many designs in different colors ways. In which each design has redefined style that will give you a feel of sheer and richness. SAIRA RIZWAN X ITTEHAD Summer Collection 2020 is original lawn with fresh perspective, timeless features and remarkable alteration. So what are you waiting for???? Let’s enjoy the season with most exclusive and active lawn that is fuse of excellence and comfort.

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