Royal Piece By Nilofer Shahid / Jewelry Designs

Royal Piece By Nilofer Shahid / Jewelry Designs.At Nilofer Shahid  is a platform you will encounter variety of jewelry excluding bib necklace, cascade necklace, pearl necklace and collar necklace which have been fetched with multi color stones and fancy spangled crystals. These fancy necklaces are best for evening parties and young girls can use these Nilofer Shahid necklaces in college function and family gathering as well. Nilofer Shahid took care of feminine glamour and technique and choose the best pendants and necklaces for you in this Nilofer Shahid trendy Necklaces, Pendant and Chains. For younger girls Nilofer Shahid specially brought lighter chains for casual and daily use. The chains are so elegant that one can wear these in formal function with modern jewelry. The necklace brand is all about elegance. The necklace is beautifully surrounded by the crystal mesh and other semi-precious stones to create an elegant and regal look with the Ruby stone in the center. The mesh of crystals is created with different cuts. Agate stone is used at the center of the pendant that enhances the beauty of the necklace. These included double strand studded necklace and cascade bib neck chain; moreover, Nilofer Shahid presents light pendant with small heart and floral locket embellished with sparkling stones.

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