Juliana Bicudo Latest High Heeled Shoes Designs

Juliana Bicudo Latest High Heeled Shoes Designs (6)Juliana Bicudo Latest High Heeled Shoes Designs.Presently a days the pattern of high-heeled shoes has turned out to be latest and in vogue inside the words design in all business sectors. As We all realize that pre-adult young ladies are enamored wearisome high heels for gatherings and high heels can basically look rich, eminent when you can walk easily hot looking in them. At time to pick high-heeled shoes young women must be cautious about the extent of the heels and prominence of the heels. Along these lines you will have the capacity to settle on the decision of towering-heeled shoes turns out to be balanced by age and identity look.Juliana Bicudo Latest High Heeled Shoes Designs (10)

Brazilian shoes planner Juliana Bicudo has the sweetest shoes for those in affection. She likewise outlines design shoes, immortal pieces made with intense lines and a solid alluring effect.She graduated in engineering and urban arranging, and her experience continues rousing her manifestations right up ’til the present time, permitting her to build and emerge thoughts.

Her brands likewise in view of hand-made shoes. She works intimately with little producers, who have a significant information of their work. Juliana Bicudo’s fragile shoes have flawless completion, solace, advancement, novel shading mixes and contemporary styling.Juliana Bicudo Latest High Heeled Shoes Designs (2)

Bicudo’s marriage gathering highlights shoes with substantial red hearts on their sole. Attempting to change wishes into reality, she made two wedding lines, Classic Collection and Special Collection, eight elite models with wearing subtle elements. Her shoes come in pastel hues, with matured gold subtle elements and appliqués. Time to fall in love!We will check with a few pictures that will take you into the universe of the most recent patterns in high heel shoes in the most recent style market.

 Special Bridal Collection – $ 225
Color: Oatmeal; 8cm heels
Kidskin with embroidered pearls

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