Alkaram Studio Infinite Midsummer Collection 2019

Alkaram Studio Infinite Midsummer Collection 2019.This season Alkaram is taking inspiration from seasonal traditional Embroidery art of chance now with royal era to fetch an graceful yet matchless collection as Alkaram Studio Infinite ’19 Collection. On variety of fabrics like linen, lawn, jacquard, organza and chiffon: Alkaram Studio has used gorgeous colors and thread art to meet the most recent fashion tendency of Pakistan. To keep Alkaram Studio up-to-date and to give a rich look; the incorporation of sequins and hand loomed chiffon dupattas are outstanding.
Alkaram Studio Infinite Midsummer is not only classy as well as modern due to its exclusive details. If it’s chiffon duppata ,self print and chikankari work reminds you affluence of royal era than other hand use of digital prints adds a existing style in wardrobe. So let’s feel the timeless elegance of Luck now with regal yet avant-garde style with Infinite Midsummer luxury collection. So Dress like queens with our good-looking, trendy and classy Alkaram collection. It represents the rich art of Luck now with modern twist to make you feel magnificent. Alkaram Studio Infinite collection is unique with its vintage needlework details, intricacy and queenly style.


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